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Studying Abroad

So, I decided to go to Hungary next semester. Budapest University of Technology and Economics. My ISEP and passport applications have been sent their respective ways. I still need to find some alternate locations, in case Hungary is full (which is how it currently and unfortunately appears). Reasons for going to Hungary:

  • I’ve never left the country
  • I’m 1/8 Hungarian.
  • Hungary is close to Romania, Italy, Germany, and the land formerly known as Bohemia, all of which are places from which my family is descended.
  • GE makes most of its European lightbulbs in Budapest. I hope to intern for GE C&I next fall.
  • They teach engineering classes in English, but speak Hungarian all around. Take classes, see new culture, learn new language, not get behind.
  • Located on banks of Danube. So is Linz, Austria. A special someone named Stephanie happens to be there. And if you’re wondering, she is worth chasing across 6 timezones.
  • If I’m going to revolutionize transportation, public or personal, I’d better take cues from somewhere besides America. Europe seems to have lots of ideas.
  • I’ve never been a minority.
  • The only language I speak is English
  • I’ve never lived anywhere besides suburban, midwest, middle-class America. Just kinda curious about what else is out there.
  • My dad has traveled a lot overseas. I’d like to see what he has experienced.
  • How can I appreciate America when I’m never away from it? Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
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