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Becoming An Old Man

It’s almost March 25th again.

According to Blink182, “nobody likes you when you’re twenty-three.” So I’m glad that’s over.

Thanks Treehugger.com

But Neil Young asserts, “Old man look at my life; Twenty-four and there’s so much more; Live alone in a paradise; That makes me think of two; Love lost, such a cost; Give me things that don’t get lost; Like a coin that won’t get tossed; Rolling home to you.

Not sure if that’s an optimistic outlook for my twenty-fourth trip around the Sun. So here is what want from you for my birthday: a better theme song for me to hum this year.

The Wikipedia entry for the number 24 might offer some clues. Or, you can ask Gallup, who says that 50% of my friends are married or cohabiting (neither for me). The Navy has some fitness standards for me. Here are some party ideas and gift ideas, none of which sound as good as watching UK demolish Cornell tomorrow night while drinking good beer. We can also celebrate some great March 25th events, such as the Verizon/Skype launch, the end of the slave trade in the British Empire, or Greek Independence Day. I’ll be sure to invite some other 325’ers, like Béla Bartók, Aretha Franklin, Elton John, Tom Glavine, and Danica Patrick.

OK, musical friends, what will it be?

  1. 2010/03/24 at 11:40 pm

    What I did during my 24th year.

    – finished the worst (and only real job of my life) resulting in a permanently changed specimen handling process at the UK surgery/pathology dept. (hopefully for the better)
    – sold books door to door that summer (hardest, worst, and best thing I’ve done for my own betterment…to this day)
    – started med school
    – spent 1st year of med school trying to start a mentoring program modeled after the habits I learned at Southwestern called ‘Live on Purpose’
    – went on some vacations – I distinctly remember studying med books intensely in Cancun, MX, and in spending 3 of 4 days studying on a ski trip in Utah.
    – best friend Brian Raney and I would talk on occasion about starting someplace cool, hip, techie, creative….kinda like if Google were to have a headquarters in Lexington. We called it ‘UK Google’ whenever we referenced it…but that’s all we would do…reference it.

    Looking forward to what a summary of your 24th year looks like Such…we’ll do our best to get you on

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