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Forget Immigration Reform. What About Deportation Reform?

GE: Efficiently removing low performers, and rewarding top performers.Immigration should be a 2-way street

What is more American than the GE of Jack Welch’s heyday? I think America should follow suit, and kick out the underperformers. This will help reduce our immigration deficit with India and China. Here are the criteria for determining America’s bottom 10%:

  1. Creative output: How much have you used your brain to synthesize new works of art or solutions to problems?
  2. Health: How well have you treated you body in order to avoid preventable chronic illness? Sorry smokers and junk food aficionados, you place undue burden on our healthcare system.
  3. Involvement: Apathy killed the cat. Join a group, a church, a cult, a non-profit, a team; there’s bound to be at least two other people in this country who think kinda like you. Then, find a way to contribute to an intelligent discourse on societal issues.

Those citizens found to be in America’s bottom 10% will be exported to China and India, who have been kind enough to send us their most creative, driven, entrepreneurial people. The question is: will America’s deported underperformers be allowed in?

This satirical rant inspired by:

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