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The Bike vs Car Debate continues

While I had heard about the debate that erupted in the comments of this article was rather heated, I am somewhat impressed at the generally logical discourse between those who favor motoring or cycling. There has definitely been some bantering back and forth, but there was a high frequency of open-minded comments that blamed neither (or both) the driver and cyclist involved in Monday’s collision.

A few great points were made:

  1. Riding bikes on sidewalks is generally a bad idea. See Ken’s thoughts.
  2. In a collision between bike and cyclist, no matter who is at fault, the cyclist will lose. #Physics
  3. Cyclists: your bike is a vehicle. Operating it demands the same responsibilities as for a car.
  4. Motorists: bicycles are vehicles. Treat them as such.

Still, my favorite comment is the one that follows:

dklane wrote on 08/30/2010 04:23:16 PM:

“As a person who has used cars, tractors, and bicycles on Lexington roads, I find it odd that people wait patiently when I drive a tractor at 12mph but act like race car drivers when I ride a bicycle on the same road at 24mph.”

When I look out at a street, my mind strips away all the vehicles, and all I see are people. Some strutting along the sidewalk. Some on two-wheelers with wind in their hair. Others enjoying a few minutes of steering-wheel karaoke. Yet we all have two things in common: a soul, and a layer of rubber insulating us from the omniscient road. Maybe if we removed the layers of insulation that divide us into vehicular factions, then we might see more clearly that we are all people. People with a destination worthy of the journey.

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