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Thoughts on voting logistics

It took me 2 precincts, 4 phone calls, and about an hour to vote. Why is voter registration locked out as of Oct 2 if I can re reregister today?
Other inefficiencies:
1. Electronic voting: why can’t I go to any precinct? Why don’t I get am e-mail reminder 30 days prior? Reach your audience where they are. If it works for Groupon, it’ll work for elections.
2. Communications between poll workers and County Clerk done by phone. Why not a chatroom or gDoc for exception handling?
3. Why aren’t all those little paper slips recycled? Pluses: the girls driving around with a megaphone nonpartisanly reminding people to vote. Meeting seemingly creepy but actually friendly former neighbors who are serving as poll workers. That little sticker is a cool badge of non-apathetic pride.

PS: all of these are opportunities for Gov 2.0 improvements. Come to http://Lexington.startupweekend.org to try them out!

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