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Aspiring to live in an efficiency apartment

I will fit in quite well when I finally move to a big city. I just realized that I have spent my suburban, middle-class years, yearning to live in an efficiency apartment.

When I woke up tonight and needed to get a drink of water, I stepped out the door from my bedroom and directly into the kitchen. That was when it hit me: I have consistently chosen the same arrangement in all 4 of my most recent residences. I have turned down larger rooms and better views in favor of arms-length proximity to the kitchen and bathroom. I don’t need much space, and I am in the midst of the life-altering transition from pack rat to minimalist. I recently donated most of my shelf of books to a local charity. (I have, in turn, become enamored with the local public library). I have been cleaning out my closet full of once-worn clothes, and repurposed my free college t-shirt collection as rags for the lab at Awesome Inc. Much of this is for greater convenience in anticipation for my move to California that will occur in 8 months, but I have realized that I want to make a permanent transition. Not to plopping down roots in CA, but to making it easier to uproot myself on a regular basis. That is the type of life that I want. I enjoy living out of a suitcase. Also, I have moved past the ‘stuff makes me happy’ phase of life. Running and biking make me happy. Time with friends makes me happy. Creating things that help other people makes me happy.

One day soon, an efficiency apartment, in all its wall-lacking minimalist glory, will make me very happy. Because, like now, I won’t be spending much time there anyway.

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