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A Regime Change in Kentucky: the Year of the Retirement

Did I miss the announcement, or is a big change coming to KY?
Many of Kentucky’s leaders (love ’em or hate ’em) have announced their resignations for 2011. Perhaps this happens every year, and the only difference is that I’m now paying attention. Is it because Lexington was named one of the top cities in the US to retire? What would Lee Iacocca say about this?
Here’s my short list:
Lee Todd – University of Kentucky, President
Stu Silberman – Fayette County Schools, Superintendent
Bill Samuels – Makers Mark, President
David Lord – Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau, President
Jerry Abramson – City of Louisville, Mayor
Harold Tate – Lexington Downtown Development Authority, Executive Director
Deborah Clayton – Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development, Commissioner of Dept. of Commercialization
Matt McGarvey – KSTC, VP Commercialization and Venture Finance
[Edit 3/2/11]
Melinda Rowe, Rodger Amon – Lexington Health Department
[Edit 5/9/11]
Gene Woods – St. Joseph Health
Tim Kelly – Lexington Herald-Leader, Publisher
Tom Lester – UK College of Engineering Dean
In addition to wondering who will fill the void left by this strong-willed group, I am curious as to what each will do next, and how that will bring change to the Commonwealth.
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