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A few notes on Intellectual Property protection in modern innovation

I am not an expert on this topic, but it really interests me (and you, my friends who have responded to my earlier post about this). So, I’m going to defer and let some more experienced people talk for me:
KY Kernel article: http://ow.ly/3PzI0
How it works at NC State: http://ow.ly/3PzFF
Paul Graham on software patents: http://www.paulgraham.com/softwarepatents.html
Thanks to Paul Sullivan for some insight into the progressive stance of our friends at UWaterloo: http://ht.ly/3PC3P
Tony Brown, University of Missouri student and entrepreneur
I’m going to let you do the ROI math on this one. Here are the ingredients:
*For clarification: I think this group of people does some very important work, and much of it is outside of licensing of student and faculty intellectual property. But I think there are ways it could become more efficient, and there are successful models at many of UK’s research benchmarks. Unfortunately, the ability to change this process goes beyond one department. Board and University Senate approval are required to change the applicable regulations.

My concluding position on this: we should remove friction and parasitic administration from the innovation process where it does not bring benefits to the inventor/entrepreneur.

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