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Tools we used to run the MobileX Conference

A few people have asked about the software tools we used to run the MobileX Conference. Many of these tools are free, and the ones we paid for were worth the cost. Overall, they were a huge help in making the 2011 Lexington event (our first sellout crowd) a success.

Before the event
DD-WRT – After stressing our venue's stock wi-fi network last year, we beefed up our setup with some N-band routers running this custom firmware.
Eventbrite – Handled our event registrations. Really easy to accept payment and embed in our external site. This was our first year using their mobile app for checkins, and totally loved it. Only hiccup is that walkup registrations must be done through their desktop site.

Google Docs – Our team used Spreadsheets for event management infrastructure (to-do lists, contacts, schedules, weekly meeting notes), Docs to share onepagers with sponsors and speakers, and Forms to collect information.

Plancast – Invited our speakers and attendees to share their plans with their respective networks.

Twitter – can't remember what this is for…
Timely – Scheduled our tweets through this. Really simple UI, good analytics, and we at Awesome Inc love their url shortener.
WordPress – We used this trusty CMS for our web site's backend.

Camtasia for Mac – Recorded presentations. Captures slide decks, audio, and video simultaneously.
Color – Events like MobileX, with a critical mass of smartphone-wielding attendees, are really where this photo sharing app begins to shine.
GroupMe – This group SMS service was our private backchannel. It allowed us to communicate quickly and discretely with the 20 volunteers who keep everything flowing smoothly at MobileX.
Poll Everywhere – SMS voting for the pitch contest. We use this regularly for Startup Weekend and 5 Across.
Prezi – We discovered the "autoplay" feature, and used it to run our digital signage.
Wifitti – For public display of the event's Twitter feed. Looks really pretty.

Lanyrd – Listed our event in this public conference wiki. Love the ability to attach "coverage" to talks, and to link to speakers by their Twitter handles.
Flickr – I ❤ professional-looking photos.
ScreenCast – Hosted our videos as recorded from Camtasia. Video timelines are indexed by slide numbers (ie you can skip to the good parts).
Scribd – Shared our speakers' slide decks. There are a few similar services, but we like the HTML5 playback, and this guy.

We would love to hear feedback from our speakers, sponsors, and attendees: how did these tools affect your MobileX experience? 
For anyone else who runs conferences: what tools do you find indispensable?

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