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Noticing increases in our Luck Surface Area

When I was growing up, my dad hung a few of those Successories posters on the wall in my bedroom. He is a sales guy from birth, and is big into the management theories of Stephen Covey and the like. There was one poster that I remember particularly well. It had a photo of a tattered baseball glove on it, with the words "The harder you work, the luckier you get." After forming our company nearly two years ago, and growing through several upward pivots, my team and I have first-hand knowledge of this statement's validity. 

I just read a brilliant post by Jason Roberts: How to Increase Your Luck Surface Area. With that, he saved me the effort of writing a full-fledged blog post, so here is the half-fledged version:

  • Startups are hard
  • You need help
  • People want to help
  • Don't be secretive
  • Share your passion with the world
  • Good things will happen
My additional comments on his post:

"I woke up this morning to two text messages from friends/former co-workers with leads on potential technology partners for my startup, BuildingLayer. Following some press (ie talking to a large audience about what we do), we've had top-notch mentors and potential investors reach out to us. Startups are hard, so anything you can do to increase the probability of your success is helpful. Having an army of friends/mentors/fans who know what you do, have experienced your passion for it, and can be your scouts and messengers is a huge asset. 

After experiences like these, I almost wrote a similar post, but opened up the Startup Digest Reading List (thanks, Chris), and liked the way you articulated it. Keep up the good work, Jason!"

PS: Thanks to Chris for sharing Jason's post via Startup Digest Reading List! (you should sign up)
PPS: Copious amounts of this also goes a long way.

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